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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Look into My Life

These last few weeks have been filled with trips, unexpected guests, warm windy weather, bike rides, late night trips to the dollar store and bunches of baking! I have been working and sadly, have not have the time to construct decent pictures and recipes to share! So here is a small glimpse into my every day life!

COMING SOON!! Need to make a few improvements in the recipe, then I will be sending this goodness your wayy!

Early Spring time bike ride with the dog is my favorite! The wind was blowing so hard, I think it was actually pushing me backwards.

She loves, LOVES to play with her tennis ball & frisbee!

It was a pink shorts, giant USA sweatshirt, converse, ball-cap kind of day.

What my usual day consists: coffee, space heaters, loads of water and school, and twitter. Yes, I tweet. It's amazing! You should try

Opposite View-gross hair & tired eyes.

The few times I try to dress nicely, put on some lipstick, burn my forehead curling my hair and see friends. It doesn't happen to often, but sometimes I try to dress like my sister and do my hair like my other sister, it doesn't always work like I hope.

Weekend hikes. I was raised hiking, and I continually crave to hike, especially now that spring is sharing her sun. This view made my heart rejoice in the glory of the Lord. Seriously, look what he made?! And I get to enjoy this beauty continually.  What a great God!

My favorite little town, with my favorite little Golden( :

Next hike: Coffepot!
 I hope you are having a blessed week, enjoying the sun, baking goodies and eating as much watermelon as possible! :] (summer is almost here, yippee!)

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